Savannah genetics

Savannah cats are classified into generations by the amount of Serval cat genetics that they contain. F (filial generation) and numbers 1 to 4 are used to indicate how many generations it is from its Serval ancestor. Savannah generation filial numbers also have a letter designator that refers to the generation of breeding.




At least 50% of Serval Cat genetics One of the parents is a Serval




At least 25% of Serval Cat genetics One of the grandparents is a Serval




At least 12.5% of Serval Cat genetics One of the great grandparents is a Serval




At least 6.25% of Serval Cat genetics

At the dawn of the Savannah breed, such cat breeds as the Egyptian Mau, the Ocicat, the Bengal or even purebred Domestic Shorthair cats were used to produce further generations as male hybrids are sterile until the F5 generation or so. Lately, most breeders perform Savannah to Savannah pairings using F5 and further males which allows getting Savannah kittens of the highest quality with the most desired Serval appearance features. The F1 Generation will always be the rarest and the most valuable as it is produced directly from a Serval and F1 domestic cat cross. Such kittens are up to 75% Serval.

Our Savannah cattery is specializing in producing F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and SBT Savannah kittens. Breeding program allows no cat for cross breeds except the Savannah cat. Our Savannah dames and sirs are highly selected to bring only beautiful and healthy kittens.