Savannah Diet and Health Care

Savannah cat is one of the rarest and the most expensive cat breeds. To bring your pet up healthy and happy you need to put up a great deal of love and attention. Savannahs do not require any special care procedures however you should keep in mind particular aspects due to a part of wild blood inherited from their ancestor, the Serval.

Savannah cat is one of elite cat breeds therefore before you finally decide to buy a Savannah cat you need to estimate future costs related to your new pet, living conditions and availability of spare time for a new family member. Savannahs attach greatly to their owners and are often unable to treat new owners as their family members if they have to move to another family.

Living conditions. In an apartment or in an enclosure?

Savannah cat is the most suitable for living in a home among all other hybrids. Nevertheless, it needs fairly large living space. F1 and F2 Savannahs will feel comfortable in apartments over 100m2 while F3, F4 and further Savannah cats are quite ok with smaller city apartments. An ideal place for living is a country house with a backyard where the cat might play frequently. In such case useful long walks on a leash may be replaced by an enclosure. It is essential to provide Savannah cats with a climbing facility or frame. For instance, you may fit shelves on the walls or install some cat furniture for playing. The enclosure may contain a climbing tree and other jumping and climbing facilities.

Examples you can see in the photo:


WARNING! We highly recommend against keeping a Savannah in an enclosure. Enclosures may be used only for walks. You should not allow a Savannah wander freely outside the enclosure. Walk your Savannah cat only on a leash.

Savannah cats can’t stand the cold therefore you need to ensure comfortable temperature.

Bowls for Savannah cats shall be made of ceramics, china, metal or glass. Plastic bowls are not recommended. The diameter of a bowl for food shall be at least 10cm for a kitten and 12cm for an adult cat. Water bowl shall be deep enough.

Not far from the feeding or playing area you should place a scratching post. It is especially important to have a tall post that allows the long Savannah to get a really good stretch.

Savannah cat needs a litter box big enough to house the entire adult animal. At least 10cm high walls of a litter box are required. We recommend using of pine pellets as litter. They are environmentally safe and will not harm your cat even if it swallows some pellets.

You will also need some grooming cosmetics and instruments, a medicine chest and a carrier.