Savannah breeders

Savannahs are very difficult to produce due to the significant difference in gestation periods between a Serval and a domestic cat (75 days for a Serval and 65 days for a domestic cat) and chromosomes. Pregnancies are often absorbed or aborted or kittens are born prematurely. Moreover, Servals can be very picky in choosing mates, and often will not mate with a domestic cat. These exotic cats require much caution, care, a lot of work and a lot of love in order to get healthy litter. This explains the high price for Savannah kittens. Professional breeders invest heavily into the conditions for the successful breeding, provision of a healthy diet taking into account natural features of Servals’ ration, kitten’s handling and socialization as well as into making the kittens intelligent and friendly. Purchasing a Savannah cat should be a well thought-out decision while the breeder is an important part of that decision. The breeder you choose to purchase a kitten from should have a solid reputation otherwise your kitten might have various innate diseases or be too unfriendly which may more than likely cause disappointment. Instead of a playful and loyal companion you might get an untamed and aggressive animal. Before buying, ask the breeder about their breeding program and the potential parents of your kitten.

All the kittens at our cattery are produced only from Savannahs or Servals, which is proven by TICA pedigree. By the time of their delivery to new owners the kittens are socialized, healthy and have all necessary documents available. We are ready to organize the transportation to their future home. Our Savannah cattery may advise on best living conditions and care for Savannah kittens. We keep in touch with our clients so you can always ask us questions about your new family members.